Hertzel's Kansas  Holland Lops

The difference in just a few weeks!!

Always a good idea to keep on sweet terms with the man of the house!

Hertzel's Holland Lop's very first Fuzzy Lop!  What a surprise she was!! An extra special ball of fluff!

It looks like these bunnies are serving time behind bars!!  Tell you what, they are two pretty cute jail birds!!

This bunny is living over a shaded sand pit

This young lady is pleased as punch with her little bunny, Abbott!

Tippy, has recently been "disappearing" on us.  We would turn the room upside down and could never find her but then in her own good time she would reappear and be back in her cage.  Finally we were fortunate enough to hear where she was.  She had found a hole in the lining of the underside of Elsie's box spring and was hanging out up inside her mattress!!!  Once she realized we were on to her the only thing that would bribe her out was oats!  Crazy bunny!  Fixing the mattress is high on our "to do" list!  :-)

They were bonding.  Until kitty pounced! Kitties and Bunnies have very different ways of playing!

Elena saying a tender good-bye as once again we send a bunny to his new home!

Some of these homemade cages are incredible!!

Tippy lounging in her new cage.  She looks so tiny!  She loves running up and down her ramp :)

Living in a Bunny Palace!


Hat full of sweetness!!

Lucy & Charlie.  Best of buds.  Charlie has recuperated nicely from being neutered  so Lucy's next!  This rabbit pair lives in their new home in Rose Hill, KS.

Potty Party!