Hertzel's Holland Lop's very first Fuzzy Lop!  What a surprise she was!! An extra special ball of fluff!

Potty Party!

Both these spoiled bunnies are relaxing and enjoying the good life!  

The bunny pair above, Charlie & Luci, are siblings and best pals! As they continue to grow their size difference continues to be evident.  Luci has always been smaller than her brother but their owners assure me that she still rules the roost!

This young lady is pleased as punch with her little bunny, Abbott!

Living in a Bunny Palace!

Elena saying a tender good-bye as once again we send a bunny to his new home!


They were bonding.  Until kitty pounced! Kitties and Bunnies have very different ways of playing!

A girl with a 100 Watt Smile!  She loves her bunny!

It looks like these bunnies are serving time behind bars!!  Tell you what, they are two pretty cute jail birds!!

Hat full of sweetness!!

Hertzel's Kansas  Holland Lops

The difference in just a few weeks!!

Lucy & Charlie.  Best of buds.  Charlie has recuperated nicely from being neutered  so Lucy's next!  This rabbit pair lives in their new home in Rose Hill, KS.


Some of these homemade cages are incredible!!

Always a good idea to keep on sweet terms with the man of the house!

"Hey Shelli! I thought I'd give you an update.  Grayson is doing well. (Bunny above)  He's learned that he can jump pretty high, we had to put a top on his cage!!  He's a good guy and I thank you again for bringing me such an amazing bun!"