Hertzel's Kansas  Holland Lops

Snickers (Broken Tortoise)

Hertzel's Holland Lop Rabbitry Kenya Doe Sabetha Kansas

Our Does

​Buddy(Chestnut VM)

Cuddles (Orange)

Hertzel's Holland Lop Rabbitry Cuddles Doe Sabetha Kansas

Kenya (Black)

Buddy and Snickers are the bucks we are currently using.  Snickers is the family's favorite even though his energy level is crazy high. He often follows us around our yard like a puppy would! His gorgeous colors give us many exciting litters!  Buddy is our first buck that carries the Vienna gene.  This is super exciting to us because it means with our BEW Zippy we can have the potential of having our own blue eyed white babies!

Hertzel's Holland Lop Rabbitry Snickers Male Sabetha Kansas

These are our great mothers!  Cuddles is very calm and takes motherhood very naturally.  Kenya is a little more nervous and when she's pregnant she doesn't want to be messed with.  She is a very smart rabbit always looking for ways to get more treats from you!  She's not one bit worried about pre, during, or post pregnancy weight!!  :-)  Chinook, Zippy, and Bree are amazing at their jobs as well!  Each rabbit has it​'s own personality and that is one reason this business is not boring!

Chinook (Broken Black)

Cuddles with one of her kits

Peek a Boo

Our Bucks

Bree (Black)

Zippy (Blue Eyed White)