Hertzel's Kansas  Holland Lops

About Our Holland Lop Rabbitry

Our family started breeding and selling Holland Lops because we love these rabbits!  We keep it fairly small (one or two litters usually at a time) so we can keep giving each bunny love and time.  We feel that with rabbits it's important for them to be handled and loved from their start to shape their long term feelings about people.  We enjoy every part of the business!  The friendships we develop with those that buy our bunnies is a special part of it for us!  We love helping families with any of their rabbit questions and enjoy getting pictures of their new bunnies as they grow. 

What's important to us: 

Faith (in our Heavenly Creator that helps us each day to live lives to glorify His name)

Family (People of all shapes and sizes we cherish and interact closely with)

Bunnies (A constant reminder of God's incredible handiwork)